Hakkoda Day Tour

Hakkoda has numerous guide companies including those located at the Sukayu Onsen and Hakkoda Sanso (most of these speak minimal English). These guides are top notch and very professional, however they typically go in larger groups: up to 25 people on a single tour.  Japow Tours is designed to be a bit more of an intimate experience.

Japow Tours is a small guide operation that gets the snowboarder/ skier/ tele-marker into unique places on the mountain according to the groups ability. With smaller groups, more runs are possible,  thus maximizing  your powder day while keeping you stoked.

Tour group size: 4 or less is ideal. If it's 3 or less, I will provide the transportation roundtrip from Misawa. If you want to book a larger group (for groups larger than 5 people) I can accommodate that as well, although  I need to know several weeks in advance so I can bring along another guide for safety reasons.  At the moment we currently have one full-time guide: Paul Vanderheiden

Guide Includes: Roundtrip transportation from Misawa for groups 3 or smaller.
                          Burton Powder Board plus bindings. You will need your own boots.  NO CLIP INS.
                          Full access to powder stashes (weather permitting of course)

Length & Time: Tours run from 9:00 until the last ropeway at 15:30 (if your legs can handle it).

Typical Tour Day: The following all depends on weather and the ability of a group.  I intend on maximizing your day and your riding ability to the fullest. This means more pow turns and high fives for everyone.  A fast or experienced group will get 5-6 runs in a day on the front side of the mountain.   However, a novice group may cruise along and get 3-4 runs in.  Whatever your riding/skiing level is, it's my job to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.  

  • 6 or 6:30 -----Depart Misawa
  • 8 or 8:30 ---Arrive at Hakkoda Ropeway
  • 8:30-9:00 -----Purchase tickets & Safety Briefing
  • 9 or 9:20 ---- First tram
  • 9 - 12 or 1230 ---- Shred Powder
  • 12-1300- ish----- Break for lunch
  • 1300 - 1500---- More Powder slaying
  • 15:30-1600---- Grab a "cold beverage" (if you're not driving), load up vehicle and drive safely home
  • 1800---- Arrive in Misawa

Level & Experience: This is not a beginner powder tour by any means. Hakkoda is generally not a very steep mountain so the powder can be a bit tricky when there is 40cm or more of fresh snow. Whatever your riding/skiing ability is, I will accommodate the groups needs.  The following are some general guidelines to go by when thinking about your riding/skiing ability in powder.

Advanced: This is a snowboarder/skier that has previous powder experience riding through trees. While at ski resorts, they spend most of their day on blue, black and even some double blacks runs. They are comfortable riding different terrains and all types of snow conditions.  This snowboarder/skier is confident with small jumps or drops, but is not exactly ready to take on a cliff line in the backcountry. This person is willing to hike for up to an hour to access more terrain (while wearing a backpack and gear).

Expert: This is a snowboarder/skier that has pervious backcountry experience and is able to ski double blacks with confidence.  This person has seasons of previous powder experience and they are comfortable riding all types of terrain including tight trees and cliff lines (within reason, of course). An expert might be a ski-patroller, professional snowboarder or a person who loves riding challenging terrain. This person enjoys hiking up to 2 hours for a chance at the steep and deep line of the day.