Why Hakkoda?

Hakkoda is mysterious place where you can lose yourself & find yourself in a single turn.

Hakkoda is a Backcountry haven with one ropeway(tram) accessing up to 8 different peaks, the possibilities are endless to a creative thinking mind.  Depending on how much you want to hike, one can have an entire top to bottom line all to themselves or you can be stuck in someone else's line trying to get out of a flat spot. Yes there are plenty of flat spots and plenty of creeks that lure you in. Hakkoda can be tricky place and if you don't go with a guide, you can pay your dues rather quickly. One wrong turn and you can be hiking in waist to chest deep powder for many kilometers. Trust me! I have payed my dues for you.

Riding the Front side of the Ropeway:
When most people go to Hakkoda, they ride the Direct & Forest Course which are the 2 main routes down marked by orange poles.  The real fun of the Mountain is in between and off the back side of the ropeway. This is where a guide is needed, because the tree runs all start to look the same and navigating on a "white out" day can be rather challenging without local knowledge.

Winter Season:  Hakkoda has a long season on a good year.

  • November & December can bring early pow turns while local ski hills are still struggling to open.
  • January & February are usually the heaviest snowfall accumulation months. This is prime powder season, but also brings the "white outs." Not being able to see 3 meters in front of you can make it difficult to navigate this mysterious mountain.
  • March & April is welcomed with plenty of sun shine, but can also bring late storms followed by beautiful blue bird days.
  • Late April & May is all about hiking, sunny days and corn snow.
No matter what time of year you venture into the Hakkoda's, always be prepared for anything. Sunny mornings can turn into snowy afternoons during any of these months. Make sure you have a plan, and then maybe a couple backup plans as well.
Never ride alone in the Backcountry and be prepared for the worst!